Olivier Berni

After graduating from the prestigious École d’Arts Appliqués, Olivier Berni gained experience in design and commercial architecture before joining the Jacques Garcia interior design agency in 1999. He honed his talent in the position of project director, working with renowned establishments such as Costes or Lancel. Other interior design projects for outstanding private residences allowed him to confirm his taste for refined and relaxed atmospheres. Armed with such experience, a couple of years later he decided to open his own interior design agency. Olivier Berni Intérieurs has since taken care to ensure that every project becomes a unique experience, where sophistication meets decoration and ornamentation.
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Olivier Berni Intérieurs : the agency

The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs was founded in 2007 in Paris. Olivier Berni and his teams have since been striving to share a certain vision of style, blending sophistication and elegance and relying notably on the savoir-faire of renowned artisans.
The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs distinguishes itself by the inspiration and flair which animate each of its projects. The structuring of space plays a primordial role. Axes of circulation, the management of volumes and lighting and the restitution of harmonious symmetries are the focus of particular care.
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Our services : interior design and antique brokerage

The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs offers a global solution of space planning to a clientele made up of private and corporate clients. Olivier Berni Intérieurs provides services of decoration, project conception and on-site supervision. Olivier Berni Intérieurs also takes care of the brokerage of antiques and design or vintage furniture.
The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs designs contemporary interiors in a resolutely chic and fashionable style. Olivier Berni Intérieurs is also noted for its interior planning inspired by the French classical and neo-classical decorative styles of the late 18th and 19th centuries. These various stylistic propositions allow us to fully answer the needs of a varied clientele wishing to benefit from the services of a Parisian decorator playing with codes of modernity and tradition.
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Our catalogue of antiques

The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs can provide its clientele with an exclusive selection of French antiques and objets d’art dating from the late 18th and 19th centuries. The quest for the rare object has been inspiring Olivier Berni for many years. The collection of this seasoned aesthete is made up for the most part of objets d’art, clocks, paintings, furniture, light fixtures and miscellaneous objects in the purest vein of the neoclassical style.
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