Graduated from the École Boulle and trained in history at the Sorbonne University, Olivier Berni gained experience in design, interior planning and commercial architecture before joining in 1999 the prestigious Jacques Garcia interior design agency.

Project director for 8 years, he honed his talent working with renowned establishments and spaces such as Costes, the salle Pleyel, Tartine et Chocolat and Lancel. Other projects for prestigious private residences allowed him to confirm his taste for the neoclassical style, of which he is particularly fond. He then set to breathe new life into the emblematic French decorative style of the 18th and 19th centuries that contributed to the high standing of Paris on the arts worldwide.

Building on this experience, he decided to open his own agency in 2007. The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs has since taken care to ensure that every project becomes a unique experience, where sophistication meets the celebration of the most beautiful pages of the history of decorative arts. Services from the interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs are intimately linked with its founder’s personality, taste, savoir-faire and experience. Luxury, pomp, originality and elegance are the keywords.

Dedicated to meeting the wishes formulated by its clients, notably in the catering and hospitality sectors, in 2009 the interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs set about the creation of contemporary spaces. Its inspired projects aim to reconcile functionality and luxury in the service of a public eager for originality, elegance and comfort.

Olivier Berni