The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs provides a global space-planning solution aimed at private and corporate clients, in France and abroad. Our service consists of, on the one hand, interior design, from project conception to on-site supervision and, on the other hand, of space planning thanks, notably, to the brokerage of antiques and decorative accessories.

Why choose an interior designer ?

An interior designer helps to better redefine and structure the space in consideration. He/she conceives and designs a space in which aesthetic and functional criteria will be in keeping with the tastes and budget of the client – the project manager. The interior designer takes into consideration not only the lighting, volumes and space but also the materials in order to offer the most relevant design. The interior designer is the most suitably relevant professional when it comes to creating relatively substantial works of design and decoration (e.g. plumbing, knocking down walls, electrical and structural work, building of stairs etc.). The interior designer is knowledgeable in health and safety regulations, norms of construction as well as the various codes applicable to a worksite. An interior designer will thus be useful to anyone wishing to rearrange their main or secondary residence with a view to hiring the services of specialists in their fields. He/she will be equally useful to any professional deciding to invest in their workspace in order to revive their activity. Interior design has indeed now moved into public spaces. Entrepreneurs wish to distinguish themselves in an ever more competitive environment by procuring iconic spaces. Many have anticipated that the decoration of a store, hotel, showroom or restaurant allows to create a concept around which it will be possible to build up customer loyalty, particularly in the high-end segment.

How is a planning project devised ?

An initial meeting with the interior designer will facilitate the exchange of ideas with regard to the desired project. The interior designer will subsequently make an inventory of fixtures. Then, after determining with the project manager their needs, expectations and budget, the interior designer will propose a potential design for the space in question. He/she will concomitantly suggest to the client a selection of materials, fabrics, furniture, light fixtures... He/she will draw up a portfolio, devised in several stages, composed of, amongst other things, a site plan, detailed plans, drawings, sketches and project requirements. This portfolio will be presented to companies, according to their trade, in order to obtain a quotation. The interior designer and the client will then be able to select together the best services and evaluate the final cost for the worksite. The interior designer will eventually plan the works with construction and building professionals.

What is on-site supervision ?

On-site supervision constitutes the final and optional stage of interior design. The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs provides an additional service allowing the project manager to delegate on-site supervision to the agency as well as the coordination of various contributors. This option can be submitted at any given time, as soon as the first appointment has taken place or toward the completion of the project conception stage. The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs will then supervise the good proceedings of works while notably committing to the delivery deadline, quality of the works carried out as well as their conformity to the project requirements. Finally, The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs will manage the administrative and financial supervision of the project.

What is antique brokerage ?

The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs can, if the client desires, act as intermediary. The agency will be in charge of seeking, selecting, buying and delivering antiques or decorative objects and accessories. In order to do so, the interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs calls on a network of exclusive providers and intermediaries. This option comes as a complement to the traditional activity of guidance which is inherent in the trade of interior design.

What are the decorative styles proposed by Olivier Berni Intérieurs ?

The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs proposes to its clientele two very distinct decorative styles. On the one hand, the agency conceives interiors in the purest French classical and neoclassical vein of the 18th and 19th centuries. On the other hand, Olivier Berni Intérieurs proposes services of contemporary decoration in a style both chic and fashionable, tapping into the zeitgeist. The complementary character of these propositions allows the agency to fully meet the requirements of a varied and demanding clientele wishing to hire the services of an interior designer who knows how to play with the codes of modernity and tradition.